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Filtration system

Heater gas or electric

Steel body with fiberglass insert to manage depth  in choice of colors

Stairs with wood deck

Safety doors

Breaker box for electric

Stainless steel pool ladder

Optional Led light

Our design team encourage our customers to personalize their house plan. There is no such standard house here with us. We would like to understand all the needs and requirements of our customers, no matter how big or small the place, with your design preference and ideas, we are really happy to offer you a custom design which suits your budget and your lifestyle. It is our dream to make everyone live in their own ideal places and create a better life.As we always believe, there are many possibilities and choices in everyone’s life. Do your own places, at least once in your life. Just like our Mission Statement: You deserve you own unique place. Let us help you build your dream place.
20 feet long 7.6 feet wide 4 feet high

40 feet long 7.6 feet wide optional 4 feet or 7.8 feet high

40 feet long with glass panels 7.6 feet wide 7.7 feet high

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