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The 10′ (3 m) Premium Office Container is a very high-quality and long-term solution if you only need a small space. At about 7 m², the container provides an insulated, heated, well-lit, ready-to-use space solution to be used for monitoring purposes or as an office, for example.

This is our smallest standard model Premium space that is suitable for year-round use. Standard equipment for the container includes LED lights, power sockets, window, ventilation, and excellent thermal insulation, suitable for year-round use. The white surfaces and the indoor height of 2,520 mm create a bright interior. The walls are easy to keep clean as they are made of smooth sheet metal, and the grey plastic floor is very durable. Standard colours are dark grey (RAL 7024) and light grey (RAL 7035), but on request we can build your container in special colours. Containers can be linked together, with the power supplied with a 5-pin, 32A socket, which can be converted to 16A with an adapter.
The 10′ Office Container can be equipped with several accessories and the desired layout. Popular accessories include air source heat pumps, computer sockets, heat recovery ventilation machine, and additional windows. The window of the container has standard aluminium roller shutters, meaning that you can safely close up for the night, for example. Handling with crane from the corner pieces or forklift pockets.
The Premium collection is ideal if you want a stylish, durable, and long-lasting space at a cost-effective price. The PIR walls do not lose calorific value, become mouldy, and they are easy to keep clean and guarantee energy-efficient use. Premium containers can also be combined into large units or equipped with glass walls. They offer unlimited options for all needs!

Walls 80 mm PIR (Sheet metal-PIR-Sheet metal element)
Floor 100 mm wool
Roof 50 mm wool + 50 mm PIR

Standard equipment
Lockable access door with keys
Opening window with roller shutters (aluminium)
Electrification, power sockets, switchboard, LED lights, and heater
Ventilation valve and exhaust air fan
Forklift pockets

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